SLOW FASHION: A fashion concept video

Slow Fashion

“This film was created to raise the awareness of Slow Fashion movement. Slow Fashion is a vision for the fashion and textile industry based on ecological integrity and social equality. Slow fashion is a creative and inclusive approach inspired by the slow culture movements. Film is approaching audience to think what is behind the fashion and that each of us have a responsibility and choice in clothes.”

Click on the link to watch the fashion film:

 SLOW FASHION a fashion concept video from Katia Kull on Vimeo.

Video recording and editing: Andrew Zoleta

Film by Ekaterina Kulikova, MA Fashion Studies Candidate 2015 at Parsons The New School for Design

From Ekaterina’s website:

Artist – Illustrator – Designer – Fashion Editor

Born in Russia and raised in Czech Republic, Ekaterina Kulikova moved
to Finland at 19 to study Fashion Design and Fine Art at University of
Art and Design in Helsinki. During this period she began traveling
widely to Sweden, Norway, Russia, Prague and Dubai.

Ekaterina Kulikova is now based in New York where she creates her
sophisticated, sensual and elegant fashion illustrations. She uses
delicate layers of delightful patterns, ornaments from Russian &
Middle East cultures that are integrated with a precise and
sophisticated line drawing.

She works extensively for European and American publishing houses. Her
illustrations have been published in fashion magazines, newspapers and
sales promotions.


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